Who is using Assay Depot Enterprise?

Three of the World’s Largest Pharmaceutical Companies, including Pfizer

"The driver for Pfizer’s Scientific Services Marketplace is access and innovation. The broader pharmaceutical research services marketplace is loaded with innovative capabilities that can often be difficult to access, considering the complexity of the services and supply base. So to streamline this process for our researchers, we use the marketplace to fully utilize internal and external capabilities." Comment by Eric Shobe, Senior Director, Pfizer Global Procurement in Xconomy, 2011

Hundreds of the World’s Leading Research Suppliers and CROs

"Assay Depot provides a segmented market of targeted prospects for us – a new, inbound marketing channel that is more productive than traditional marketing. The platform is easy to use and scalable, positioning the solution well as the life science industry continues to drive efficiencies and move more of its business online." Testimonial by Audrey Sarsfield, Marketing Director, Absorption Systems (leading CRO)

What is Assay Depot Enterprise?

Assay Depot Enterprise is a powerful vendor relationship management (VRM) system that enables a pharmaceutical company (or other research organization) to efficiently manage a distributed global network of research suppliers. It is a new way for a pharmaceutical company to empower scientists, showcase internal science and leverage research externalization.

A single license to Assay Depot Enterprise gives your entire organization access to the tools it needs to efficiently manage a diverse network of research partners. The platform brings together services from all external and internal research suppliers onto one web-based platform and makes it easy for your scientists to communicate with each other and with outside experts. From a single secure hub, your researchers can now search for services, request quotes, compare pricing, track orders, receive reports and rate vendors. Users can view their colleague’s ratings and reviews, and determine at a glance whether vendors are compliant with corporate policies or have current legal agreements.

From a procurement perspective, Assay Depot Enterprise enables a systematic approach to vendor consolidation. Reports can be generated on the total amount spent on a particular service, how much each vendor charged per service, how each vendor was rated for the service and whether there is a trend toward greater or lower overall use of the service over time. This combination of company meta-data, vendor performance data and use data can be used to select preferred vendors and enable consolidation as well as to formulate new quality-enhancement and cost-reduction strategies.

Assay Depot Enterprise enables complete transparency across global research operations while still retaining local control over most research sourcing decisions. It simplifies legal and compliance verification, standardizes sourcing governance and serves as a versatile all-in-one platform that benefits the entire chain of pharmaceutical stakeholders, from discovery R&D to supply chain to consumer.

Custom Badges


Add your own custom badges and search filters so your researchers can quickly find preferred services and vendors.

Internal Services


Your researchers use internal services as well as external. With Assay Depot Enterprise they find them all in one place.

Private Reviews


Use rating and reviews from your colleagues to help select the best services and vendors.

Enterprise Ready

Ariba Assay Depot Enterprise is Ariba Enabled out of the box. With minimal configuration, you can enable on-demand purchasing from approved vendors. With Assay Depot Enterprise you have access to thousands of suppliers in a single punchout catalog.
Saml With single sign on (e.g. SAML) your users can login to Assay Depot Enterprise using their corporate username and password.
Api Assay Depot Enterprise has an API (Application Programming Interface) that allows the system to integrate with internal and external systems such as Compound Management and Electronic Lab Notebook Applications.

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Learn how Assay Depot Enterprise can dramatically reduce costs while promoting innovation.

The Future of Pharma Research


A recent book chapter by Assay Depot co-founders about the future of research.

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